Top Tool Plunge Router in test of 3-hp routers (Dec.
2013) High Points:  Three included hoods give this router the most effective dust collection in our test of 3-hp routers.  The unique ratcheting spindle lock means you don’t have to remove the wrench from the collet nut while tightening or loosening for quicker bit changes.  A chart on the router body translates speed-dial markings to actual speeds.  The only router to come in something other than a cardboard box: The plastic Systainer organizes accessories and stacks neatly with other Festool products. Low Points:  Scales are marked in metric only, and with no leadscrew height adjuster, you rely solely on the turret-stop system for making fine adjustments.  When mounted in a router table, you must work against the plunge spring’s tension.  Does not come with a 1/4" collet or adapter for 1/4"-shank bits.  Instead of a plunge-lock lever, the OF2200EB has a rotating knob on the top of the left handle that takes a lot of getting used to.  Yes, it's a terrific router, but the hefty price will keep most woodworkers away. More Points:  Despite weighing more than 18 lbs, it felt balanced and never created control or tipping issues.  All adjustable components on this router have a distinctive neon-green color for easy location.



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