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This may not be the first router table you've ever bought...but once you've tried it out, you're certain to agree that it's the last one you'll ever need!'
Huge 36"x27" aluminum Table gives you plenty of support for your largest workpieces. The 48" x 4-3/4" fence helps to guide your stock through the cut. We have a 16-page full-color instruction book located on our website on the home page under Instruction & Tutorials and then select the Router Table Instructions Link. Special shipping of $39.980 will be added to the Table & Fence.

WOOD magazine review

Dead-flat router table weighs little, works large

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Sommerfeld’s 27×36" router table features a flatter surface and more accessory options than any table I’ve used. The top consists of three 9×36" extruded aluminum sections that, when coupled together, proved perfectly flat as well as slippery smooth. And this top hasn’t sagged at all in the six months I’ve been using it, even with my heavy 3-hp router suspended below. Because the router mounts directly to the top, there’s no fussy insert plate to level.
(You can order the top predrilled for Triton routers, or with no holes so you can drill to match your router.) T-slots on the bottom and the included bolts made it easy for me to mount this top to an existing cabinet in my shop. With four miter-gauge slots and four T-slots, the top gives me lots of options for hold-downs, feather boards, and stopblocks. I also appreciate the eight easy-to-install insert rings, with openings from 1 ⁄2" to 25 ⁄8", that step down the 35 ⁄8"-diameter bit opening. I found the fence equally impressive, with sliding infeed and outfeed faces that can be shimmed from behind for offset routing, and T-track on the face and top for mount- ing accessories. It comes with three removeable zero-clearance inserts, and a dust hood with a stepped port for hoses from 11 ⁄4" to 21 ⁄4" (inside diameter). You can also buy an open-leg metal stand (#LSD5) for $120. —Tested by Kevin Boyle

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