Skil Benchtop Router Table

WOOD magazine rating


Efficient folding design
Quick clamp router mount makes bit changes easy and requires no leveling
Onboard storage keeps accessories with router table
Starter pin and guard help guide curved workpieces
Bit height gauge helps with bit setup
2 Featherboards help guide workpieces

WOOD magazine review

Benchtop router table loaded with features

Review Summary

Skil’s well-appointed RAS900 router table surprised me with its performance—better than you usually get with tables in its $160 price range. (I also tested Skil’s $120 RAS800 router table, but it’s not nearly as good as its big brother.) The RAS900 has a 16-1/2 × 26" table made of 1"-thick laminate- covered MDF with aluminum T-track and a fence with movable faces, aluminum T-slot, and a 2-1/2" dust port.
The folding steel legs have plastic storage pockets for bits, wrenches, and accessories. All this weighs 25 pounds, which helps dampen vibration without being too heavy to lift and tote. I really like the handy router-mounting system. Secure your router, minus its plastic subbase, to the RAS900’s 7-1⁄2"-square steel plate. This plate clamps underneath the table with a quick-release lock. To use your router freehand, release the lock and simply rout with the plate as your subbase. I also like that you plug the router into an accessory power switch for easy on/off control. However, the switch’s cord measures only 14" long, so you’ll likely need an extension cord. —Tested by Bob Saunders

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