Bench Dog Router Table w/Cabinet

Bench Dog/Rockler


The ultimate router workstation! This package combines the biggest, toughest top on the market (Bench Dog's cast-iron ProMaxRT) with a ruggedly-built stand/storage unit for an all-around premium setup. Plus, with all the advantages of the Bench Dog 32" ProFence and a heavy-duty aluminum router plate, you'll be set for professional-grade routing in no time!

Bench Dog ProMaxRT Cast-Iron Table
At 24" x 32" x 1-1/2", the ProMaxRT is the largest, flattest, and most durable option on the market. Weighing in at nearly 100 lbs, the one- piece top provides more than 5 square feet of ultra-flat work surface, precision ground to within .008". It's 12-point plate-leveling/locking system guarantees a flush working area and keeps the heavy-duty aluminum router plate secure while cutting.
Bench Dog 32" ProFence
3-1/2" tall, with a precision-machined aluminum frame for total flatness. Front and back T-tracks accept 1/4" t- bolts, 5/16" t-bolts and 1/4" hex bolts. Includes bit guard, adjustable melamine-coated MDF faces with T-slots, and dust port.

Bench Dog Baltic Birch Cabinet
Rugged bolt-and-cross-dowel construction combined with the natural strength of Baltic birch make this the ultimate stand—perfect for supporting even the biggest tops. With ample storage, four leveling feet, and pullout router bit trays, the ProCabinet isn't just a stand, it's a full-service workstation. Replacement locking casters available separately.

Bench Dog Router Plate
Six options to accommodate virtually any router. All plates fit in the ProTop's 8-1/4" x 11-3/4" opening. Determine which Group your router falls into (below) and select a package accordingly. If your router is not listed below, our two blank-plate options allow you to drill mounting holes to match your router.

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