MLCS 9098 On Point Laser Guided Router Base

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X marks the spot! Never miss your mark again when plunge routing. Save time, money, and eliminate waste with pinpoint accuracy. Make perfectly spaced dado cuts. Great for any handheld plunge router applications. Off set router plate allows for total control of your router. The large clear base and knob/handle will eliminate the tipping problem that can often occur when edge routing, while allowing you to see exactly what you are working on. All electronics self contained. No wiring or plug needed. Made of heavy duty, tough clear plastic. Increase the speed and accuracy of repetitive plunge routing applications. Quick and easy to mount any router. Base is pre-drilled for the following popular router models: Porter Cable- 690 series, 7529, 8529; Bosch 1617/1618 Plunge Base Only; DeWalt 616/618 Series, 621/625; Milwaukee 5615/5616/5619 Series; Fein FT-1800; Elu 177; Sears 315.175 040, 315.175 050, 315.175 070. Includes 2 AA batteries.

WOOD magazine review

See-through subbase has lights and lasers

Review Summary

MLCS’s On Point laser guided router base shines a laser crosshair to show the exact center of the bit. That’s handy when freehand-routing or setting up field cuts where you can't reference off an edge or end. Plus, its oblong shape and outboard handle make it more stable for edge-routing. For cuts not requiring the laser, switch on the bright-white LED worklights; combined with the clear subbase, they provide great bit visibility.
On Point comes predrilled to fit many popular midsize and 3-hp routers, but can be drilled to fit any.

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