Milescraft TurnLock Base Plate and Bushing Set

WOOD magazine rating


* 7" universal TurnLock™ Base Plate that will fit most routers up to 3HP.
* The Centering Pin, which aids in an accurate one-time centering of base plate and bushings
* The 8 most popular size bushings:

- 5/16"
- 3/8"
- 7/16"
- 1/2"
- 5/8"
- 51/64"
- 7/16"
- 5/8" Extended Nose
And a Top Hat Adaptor that converts non-Turnlock metal bushings into TurnLock™ Quick Change Bushings.

WOOD magazine review

Replacement subbase accepts big bits, bushings

Review Summary

Here’s a solution to the long-standing problem about the bit openings in router bases. The dilemma: If the hole is small enough to hold a Porter-Cable-style guide bushing, it won’t accommodate large-diameter bits; if it has a larger opening, it won’t accept P-C bushings. Some routers come with two subbases—one for bushings and one for larger bits—but it can be a pain to change and recenter them on the collet. The TurnLock Base Plate solves these problems, and a couple more.
I replaced the subbase on my P-C 690 with the 6" model (there’s also a 7" version; check for a list of routers that each Base Plate fits) and centered it on the collet using the included cone and 3/4" guide bushing. The oversize bit opening accepts bits up to 1-7/8" in diameter. When you need a guide bushing, simply insert a TurnLock bushing, rotate it 1/8 turn, and it locks in place. Skeptical about the durability of the plastic TurnLock bushings, I rubbed one against the rough edge of 3/4" plywood for 15 minutes. I became a believer: The bushing held up without a scratch. Don’t want to give up your metal bushings? You also get an adapter for P-C-style guide bushings with the Base Plate. Like the bit opening, the outer rim of the TurnLock Base Plate is shaped to accept other accessories, such as a circle-cutting trammel and an offset base. With this inexpensive add-on, you’re not just buying a gadget, you’re investing in an easy-to-use, multifaceted system. —Tested by Pat Lowry

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