Mesa Vista Grip-Tite 2000

WOOD magazine rating
Mesa Vista Design
Grip-Tite 2000


• Sticks to any cast iron saw or steel fence with 80-lb focused magnet. Over 40 lbs side or down pressure.
• Lifetime magnet warranty.
• Replaceable 1.5” anti-kickback springs hold over, or down off steel fences.
• Adjustable hold down included. The adjustable hold down is also a 2.5” high featherboard.
• One finger cam switch for one second removal or adjustment.
• Sets up with one hand in three seconds

WOOD magazine review

Solid-gripping magnetic hold-downs help you work safer

Review Summary

We couldn’t believe the holding power of the magnetic Grip-Tites. Not just for pinning workpieces against the fence and tabletop with canted abrasive wheels and super-tough plastic fins, but also the powerful grip of the magnets themselves. Nevertheless, they’re quick to pick up and move by flipping a cam lever that pries the unit away from the metal surface. No matter the amount of red oak, cherry, or pine we pushed through the tablesaw, the Grip-Tites didn’t shift.
And there were no burn marks when we deliberately slowed the feed rate, because they prevented the workpieces from creeping toward the blade. To use one as a hold-down, we flush-mounted Grip-Tite’s optional steel fenceplate on MDF and attached it to the rip fence. On a steel-top router table, the Grip-Tites can be placed anywhere because they don’t need a miter slot.

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