JessEm Paralign Feather Board

WOOD magazine rating


Single pack has additional T-bolts which allows for vertical and miter track mounting
Stackable for taller stock or work pieces
Made of high impact molded plastic
Feather tips molded with rounded edges and will not mark the work piece
Miter Track and T-slot adjustments can be made separately from adjustments to the work piece

WOOD magazine review

Parallel feather boards make setup easier

Review Summary

The router table in my shop plays a crucial role in almost every project I build, so I appreciate the convenience and reliability of JessEm’s Paralign Feather Boards. (For the record: They work just as well on a tablesaw.) With a two-stage locking system, I first aligned the black carriage part parallel to the miter slot and tightened it. Then I slid the red finger part forward against my workpiece and tightened it.
This is a big improvement over one-piece feather boards I’ve used, which can shift as you tighten them, effectively losing alignment. I do have a couple of gripes. The fingers were a little stiff for my preference, making it tough to gauge the correct amount of force. And the knobs on each feather board got in the way of pushsticks on narrow workpieces. JessEm sells these in single or dual units; the stacked models come apart for use as singles when needed. All models come with a miter-slot bar and T-nuts for use in T-track.

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