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The Router Wizard Pro is a multi-function accessory you mount directly to your router (max. base diameter of 7.25"). Virtually any type of cut made with a router can be made quicker and safer by using the Router Wizard Pro. An edge guide is mounted to the top of the fixture allowing it to engage in a notch on your straight edge which ensures a perfectly straight, accurate cut. Rack and pinion adjustment allows you to precisely adjust the bit relative to the straight edge. The edge guide can be reversed and attached to the bottom of the fixture, allowing the Router Wizard Pro to be used much like a typical edge guide.

With the edge guide removed, a radius extension can be attached to the back of the Router Wizard, allowing you to cut a radius or a circle. Extensions are designed to be "piggy backed." Mortises (using loose tenons) can be cut quickly and accurately with the Router Wizard Pro.

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Rout with wizard-like precision using this jig

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A lot of aftermarket router jigs seem gimmicky to me, but the Router Wizard Pro has become my go-to choice for any routing that calls for ultra-precision— especially joinery where there’s no room for error—or requires a straightedge for reference. With this multipurpose jig and my plunge router I can rout dadoes, grooves, rabbets, mortises, and circles with reliable repeatability on almost any size workpiece.
After mounting your plunge router onto the heavy-duty plastic plate, you install the plate into the aluminum base. Now you can use the rack-and-pinion adjusters to dial in the bit location with unbelievable precision. Adjustable stops and a reference pin on the plate set slot limits for mortises and stopped dadoes or grooves. There’s also a guide mounted below one edge to reference on workpiece edges for routing parallel slots or grooves. Remove this to register against a straightedge guide for field routing; it also fits into the existing slots on some straightedge guides. I used the included radius attachment for routing dead-on circles up to 4' in diameter. —Tested by Steve Feeney

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