DadoWiz Self-Sizing Dado Guide

WOOD magazine rating


Calibrated to use 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2" router bits
Micro-adjust allowing you to calibrate run out of the router bit
Will fit straight edge clamps with maximum width of 23/16" & a maximum height of 5/8"
Router bits and clamps Sold Separately

WOOD magazine review

DadoWiz Self-Sizing Dado Guide

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It takes three basic steps to make well-fitting dadoes with DadoWiz, as I did when building a plywood shelving unit for my garage. First, I fit the jig on my 2-1/8"-wide clamp-on tool guide (it adjusts to fit other clamp-on guides as well) and clamped the guide to my case side. Next, I aligned the dado location to an index mark on the side of DadoWiz-to the long index mark for routing with a 1/2" bit, the middle on for a 3/8" bit, or the short mark for a 1/4" bit.
I loved not having to measure from the bit to the edge of the router subbase to position the straightedge. After installing the three gauge pins on the jig - again, the bit size determines the gauge-pin location - I set the adjustable stop that establishes the width of the dado. To do this, I sandwiched a scrap of the shelf stock between the index pins, locked the stop, and then removed the scrap and pins. Finally, I installed the supplied 1" Porter-Cable-style guide bushing on my router, and set a straight bit to cut the depth of the dado. With the bushing inserted and tight against the left end of the guide-bushing slot, I routed a partial-width dado. Next, I slid the router to the right end of the slot and routed another pass, widening the dado to fit my plywood shelf perfectly. I also used DadoWiz to cut dead-on dadoes that fits old stock I planed to a random thickness. It made no difference whether I used a 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" bit, as long as the bit was wider than half the thickness of the mating workpiece. The price tag may seem high, but I can't imagine a faster, more foolproof way to rout perfect-fitting dadoes.

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