Betterley Industries Air-Glide Router Base

WOOD magazine rating
Betterley Industries, Inc.


Eliminate friction - router rides on a "cushion" of air
Phenolic 7"-diameter sub-base works on solid-surface materials, laminate, wood
Reduce scratches - air flow prevents debris from lodging under the base
Mounts directly to router without modification
Complete with standard air sub-base, 10" supply hose, and air valve

WOOD magazine review

Air-Glide cuts friction on smooth surfaces

Review Summary

In the Air Hockey arcade game, the puck floats virtually friction-free on a cushion of air blown through hundreds of holes on the game table’s surface. It’s the same principal behind Betterley Industries’ Air-Glide Router Base and it works amazingly well on some materials. Designed primarily to reduce scratching when routing easily marred surfaces, such as plastic laminate and solid-surface materials, it also reduces operator fatigue on super smooth materials.
Replace your router’s subbase with the aluminum Air-Glide—it fits most routers with 6" and 7" bases; see Betterley's Web site for exact models—and hook its 10' air hose to your compressor. (My 4-gallon compressor ran constantly while I used Air-Glide). The compressed air blows through tiny holes in the phenolic subbase, lifting the router an imperceptible .0001" off your workpiece. On solid-surface, smooth plastic laminate, and melamine, I was delighted at how easily the router glided when routing an edge treatment or a rabbet. It doesn’t work as well on all surfaces, though. On porous and open-grained woods, such as oak and oak plywood, sanded to 150 grit, the friction-reducing benefit of Air-Glide all but disappeared. I had to sand the plywood to 320 grit (and who wants to do that?) before it glided like it does on smooth plastic laminate. Even laminates with light texture reduced the air-cushion effect. Bottom line: Pros who work with countertops all day every day will love Air-Glide. Home woodworkers may not use it enough to justify the cost. —Tested by John Cebuhar

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