Bench Dog Feather-Loc Hold-in/Hold-down

WOOD magazine rating
Bench Dog


Multipurpose featherboard for holding the stock against the guide fence
Unique miter gauge slot allows quick removal
Easy set-up feature
High tech polymer ensures it will maintain its original shape
Advanced design means no marring to your workpiece

WOOD magazine review

Bench Dog Feather-Loc Hold-in/Hold-down

Review Summary

The simplicity of these feather boards doesn’t diminish their versatility and value. The first finger on the infeed side, 1⁄8" shorter than the rest, helps you set the correct pressure by simply resting that finger on your workpiece. Tighten the knobs (you have to hold the Feather-Loc parallel or the back end can move), and the other feathers automatically hold with the ideal pressure. Feather-Locs also work great inverted as stops on the router table fence for stopped dadoes or grooves.
You need to mount a sub-fence with T-track onto your tablesaw rip fence or router table fence if yours doesn’t have T-track built in. To test the Feather-Locs, we ripped hickory and hard maple and intentionally paused in midcut. There were no burn marks or kickback because the boards were pinned tightly against the fence. On the router table, we used a tall profile bit to make crown molding in white oak, and they held the 3½"-wide stock tightly to the fence, even at the top.

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