Woodhaven Mini Biscuit Slot Cutter

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Bit is carbide tipped with anti-kickback teeth for safe biscuit cuts.

Manufactured by: Woodhaven
Merchant SKU: 942
This bit works with our 946 Mini Biscuits
1/2" shank x 1" cutting diameter
Carbide tipped
Anti-kickback teeth
Lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship. Made in the USA! Have questions? - Call 800-344-6657. Need shipping quote for outside the U.S.? Email info@woodhaven.com

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Very nice mini biscuit cutter set up

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If your a picture frame maker or make projects where your stock is 1 1/4" wide or less than this set up works wonderfully well to cut mini slots for mini biscuits. The hand held slot cutters of today can't make these small biscuit cuts, as most of them don't come with cutters this small and if they do then it's unsafe and impractical to cut slots on this small a piece of wood. It's easier, safer and more accurate to make these cuts on a router table.
I've used this set up many , times now and it's fun to do. Woodhaven has a number of different sizes now to cut these slots, so check their site for availability and price. And if your really frugal, you could cut all your slots on a router table set up and save having to by a hand held biscuit cutter. The mini biscuits from Woodhaven are also very good. If you haven't purchased from Woodhaven yet then you may not be aware that all their stuff is well though out, proven and of the best quality. I think all their stuff is American made.

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