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The Freud 2-3/4-inch lock miter bit produces locking miter joints in a snap. Ideal for humidors and jewelry boxes, this bit allows you to run one board vertically and run the piece to be joined horizontally. This precision-ground carbide bit is made with added titanium, making it virtually impervious to chemical attack. The bit is computer balanced to ensure vibration-free operation at speeds that are a safe margin above the typical 22,000 rpm of most routers. For use on CNC and other automatic routers as well as hand-held and table-mounted portable routers, this bit cuts all composition materials, plywood, hardwood, and soft wood. The overall diameter of the bit is 2-3/4-inch; the shank diameter is 1/2-inch.


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Top quality bit but a bit pricey

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I have had this bit for a lot of years now but I haven't used it but a few times as it takes a little patience to set up. This router bit cuts beautifully but you really need a coping sled and an auxiliary fence guide for your router table to make this cut safely and accurately. This bit doesn't come with instructions so it's a good idea to go online for proper set up and use instructions. MLCS has instructions on their site and I'm sure there's others as well.
Makes a very strong, tight joint once you get the hang of it. Lot's of practice and test cuts needed to get this right though. I was fortunate to find one of these at a wholesaler for about $20.00, as I don't think I would pay what they want for one of these now.

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