Amana Tambour Door Router Bit Set

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This 3-piece router bit set shapes tambours that interlock with a ball-and-socket joint. Unlike ordinary tambours, there is no need for cloth, glue or wires.

The first bit shapes the face of the stock; cutting from each face completes the contour of the ball. Afterwards, a second bit is used to shape the socket. A third bit in the set is used to shape the end of the tambour which provides a place to mount a pull for opening the completed tambour.

Set comes with full color instruction manual for creating a breadbox.

WOOD magazine review

Router bit set makes no-canvas tambour doors

Review Summary

Few woodworking tasks prove more tedious and messy than gluing slats to canvas to make tambour roll-up doors. After making one, you'll never want to do it again. And premade tambours cost from about $60 for a bread box to nearly $200 for a desk. Now, thanks to Amana’s three-piece tambour-door router-bit set, there’s no glue or canvas involved. You simply shape the slats on a router table, and fit them together loosely in ball-and-socket-type joints.
The big profile bit routs both profiles of two slats onto one blank; the ball-tipped bit cuts the socket. The included 1/4" round-over bit eases the sharp edges on the bottom slat. (We already have a 1/4" round-over bit, so Amana could leave this bit out of the set to make it more affordable.) Rip the two slats apart on your tablesaw, and then fit them together. The finished door slides best in a 9/16" groove; if you don’t have a bit that size, rout it in two passes with a smaller one.

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