Rockler Router Dado Jig



With only a 1/2'' straight bit and this handy, smooth-sliding Dado Jig, you can cut perfect tight-fitting dadoes to accept any stock from about 1/2'' to 1'' thick. Since it's infinitely adjustable within that range, it's perfect for plywood that is thinner than the nominal thickness, and for lumber that's been planed to an odd size.
Operation is simple! Once you've set your thickness with the scale and knurled knobs, just run the first shoulder of the dado with one edge of the jig up against any straight edge, then flip the jig around and run the other shoulder. The result is a tailor-cut dado that fits like no other.

Looking for the ideal Dado solution? The Dado Jig is uniquely designed to fit in the channel of our Low Profile Straight Edge Clamp System ensuring the jig does not wander from the straight edge. Perfect cuts every time!

The Rockler Dado Jig is designed to be used with a 1/2'' straight bit.
Any straight bit can be used, but the user will have to account for the different offset from the edge of the dado sled. This means you can use a 1/4'' straight bit for dadoes under 1/2'', or a 3/4'' straight bit for wider dadoes.
Works with any straight edge!
For the ideal solution, the Dado Jig features a channel on two edges, which fits neatly into the channel on our 52'' and 104'' Low Profile Straight Edge Clamp System (36495, sold separately).
Knurled knobs make adjustment easy and tool-free.
Built in scale makes it easy to gauge your offset for the second shoulder of your dado.
Dado Jig is made of sturdy, low-friction ABS.
Jig is pre-drilled to fit most routers with a standard 3-hole pattern, and can be easily drilled to fit any other router.
Includes detailed instructions.
Made in USA.

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