Stewart-MacDonald Precision Router

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Stewart MacDonald
Precision Router Base


A highly useful metal router base for your Dremel tool.

This is a high quality tool, made of durable machined steel, brass and aluminum. No plastic! Each turn of the large knurled thumbwheels adjusts your Dremel's cutting depth by .035" (.889mm). You can rout an inlay cavity that's precisely compensated for the thickness of the pearl and glue, for less sanding later. Tall twin handles give you excellent control for freehand routing, and you get a good view of your work. There's even a built-in nozzle for attaching a mini air pump to continuously blow away the dust—you'll rout inlay cavities more precisely, for a better fit requiring less filler.

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Turning your Dremel tool into a precision mini router

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Stewart MacDonald is a company that specializes in guitar making pieces, parts and supplies. Within the guitar making world is a very present need for sub miniature routing capabilities for... well, lots of stuff and the vocabulary of guitar building is a bit esoteric and so I'll skip most of that for our purposes here. One of the ingenious tools that they came up with was a very precise base for a Dremel tool that converts it to a solid and reliable fixed base router.
It locks into position and once set it stays there. That makes it all kinds of useful for some of the really decorative features found on high end guitars. In the world of mere mortal woodworkers this system can still find a home. It provides a platform (er... pun unintended) for letting your Dremel tool become a fine woodworking tool for inlay, subminiature dados and rabbets and other such things. Yes, there are a couple of all plastic plunge bases out on the market which are made for the Dremel family of tools. But none are as robustly made and sport the kind of rock-solid reliability as the Stewart MacDonald model. I bought my Precision Router Base several years ago when I built a semi hollowbody guitar. And it was absolutely great for that job. Since then I've brought it out of the drawer for inlays on occasion, as well as for doing some intricate work on a couple of jewelry boxes. Yes, it's a pretty specialized piece of kit. But if your world requires that you operate to tight tolerances in small areas this router base may be just what the doctor ordered.

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