Dremel 10.8V Rotary Tool Kit

WOOD magazine rating


* Variable speed from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM
* Battery fuel gauge lets you know when it's time to recharge
* Two-year warranty
* Battery: Lithium-Ion Battery
* Charge Time: 3 Hours
* Voltage: 10.8V DC
* Weight: 14 oz.

WOOD magazine review

Cordless Dremel keeps going... and going... and...

Review Summary

I use a high-speed rotary tool in my workshop for a number of tasks, from sanding into tight spots to cutting off screws to polishing cabinet hardware. One annoyance, though, is the power cord that makes the tool feel unbalanced. The folks at Dremel came up with the 10.8-volt variable-speed Cordless Rotary Tool, and the result is a lightweight, well-balanced, and surprisingly powerful tool.
When I chucked in a grinding stone and went to work sharpening my mower blades, I couldn’t tell any difference in power between this tool and my corded model. More impressive was the run time: Both blades were badly dinged and, although I kept expecting the Cordless Rotary Tool to fade away, it finished the job and only one LED of the tool’s 3-LED “fuel gauge” had gone dark. Back in the shop with a fully charged battery (it takes 3 hours), I started drilling 1/8" holes 1" deep into red oak. Going nonstop, the Cordless Rotary Tool bored more than 100 holes before the lithium-ion battery pack ran dry. Li-ion batteries don’t lose their charge sitting in a drawer, so that cordless convenience will always be ready to go. —Tested by Dean Fiene

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