Rockler Disc Sander Angle Jig

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Sand precise miters, square the ends of pen blanks, fine-tune the length of boards, and sand circles all with just this jig and an ordinary disc sander. Thanks to its pivoting fence and large, easy-to-read protractor scale, you can hold your workpiece at the precise angle required, every time. And straight edges aren't the only thing it can do. The jig includes a miter slot that holds a steel pivoting point and stop for sanding circles and outside radiuses. The jig is built on a 12'' x 15'' x 3/4'' MDF base and can be attached to any disc sander with a standard 3/8'' x 3/4'' miter slot and at least 3'' of distance between the front edge of the miter slot and the disc. In the event that you lose or misplace the steel pivoting point that came with your Rockler Disc Sander Angle Jig, it's nice to have a couple spares on hand. The points slide into the miter slot and rest against the stop, allowing you to easily edge sand circles and semi-circles.


  • Precision aluminum fence with adjustable hairline indicator
  • Fence is infinitely adjustable up to 46 left or right
  • Inlaid aluminum protractor scale
  • Fence face can be adjusted side-to-side
  • Aluminum T-track with removable pin and stop for sanding circles
  • MDF Base Dimensions: 12'' x 15'' x 3/4''
  • Required Miter Slot: 3/4''W x 3/8''H
  • Minimum Distance Between Miter Slot and Disc: 3''
  • Angle Adjustment: 0° to 46° left or right
  • Fence Length: 12''

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Gain table surface and precision with this jig

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Nearly all disc sanders (including belt/disc combo models) come with an underwhelming miter gauge, making it difficult to accu- rately sand non-90° angles. Rockler’s disc sander angle jig fits into your sander’s miter slot, and locks firmly in place with an expand- able miter bar. The fence and scale—marked in wide single-degree increments up to 45° left and right—provide dead-on accuracy. The jig also includes a circle-sanding pivot and stop that I used to create perfect circles.

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