Rikon 8" wet-wheel sharpener



• Powerful 1/4 HP Motor
• Stone Speed 115 RPM
• Leather Strop Wheel
• Support Arm for Mounting Jigs
• 8″ Sharpening Wheel with Deep Water Trough

8” Wet Sharpener #82-100 provides woodworkers with a system that efficiently removes steel and sharpens tool edges without any overheating that can ruin blades, thanks to the slow turning abrasive wheel and water

cooling action. A variety of holding jigs make putting the right cutting angle on tools easy and consistent, every time. Leather strop removes any burrs and puts the final razor sharp, final honed edge on tools – chisels, plane blades, turning & carving tools, knives, axes and more.


Horsepower 1/4 HP
Amps 1.6
Volts 120V, 60 Hz
Speed (No Load) 1,750 RPM
Stone & Strop Speeds 115 RPM

Wet Stone Wheel

Diameter 8”
Width 1-9/16”
Arbor 12mm
Grit 220

Leather Strop Wheel

Diameter 8”
Width 1-1/8”
Arbor 12mm


Length 17”
Width 10”
Height 12”
Base Size 11-1/2” x 10”
Net Weight 23 lbs.
Shipping Weight 26 lbs.
Shipping Carton 15-1/8”x14-9/16”x14-1/8”
Warranty 5 Years

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