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These 3/4" and 20mm hardened steel bushings help you make an accurate dog-hole drilling guide using any 1-1/2" thick board. Knurling on the bushing provides a mechanical lock when installed in an appropriately-sized hole (1" for the 3/4" bushing, 25mm for the 20mm bushing), and a projecting rim ensures that it rests perpendicular to the jig’s surface. If you don’t already have a bit in the required size, Lee Valley offers 1" and 25mm high-speed steel forstner installation bits that are 3-1/2" long overall.

For drilling the dog holes, Lee Valley offers 3/4" (#07J02.48, $33) and 20mm (#07J16.20, $35) drill bits that are 6" long overall with 3-5/8" of fluting, enough to go through the jig and a 2" thick bench top. The lipped brad-point style scores the perimeter of the hole for clean entry and smooth sidewalls. Made from high-speed steel, they are long lasting and not subject to burning.

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Perfect bench dog holes every time

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This bit-and-bushing set eliminates the biggest problems with drilling bench-dog holes in a workbench top: imperfectly sized or misaligned holes. Here’s how it works. You make a simple jig like the one shown at left, and using a drill press, bore a 1" hole the same distance from the fence that you want your dog holes from the edge of the bench. Next, tap the bushing into the hole. Then lay out the locations for the holes, and drill as shown.
This setup produces precisely perpendicular holes without tear-out, thanks to the high-speed-steel brad-point bit. You might use this tool only once—unless you or a friend build another workbench—but it’s well worth the investment.

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