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Jefferson Tool Nail Extractor

WOOD magazine rating
Jefferson Tool


* Parallel Jaws allows maximum contact with fastener & reduces shearing
* Curved heel enables fasteners to be lifted, with minimal damage to surface
* Serrated teeth create a slip-free grip even on the most stubborn objects
* Non-slip cushion grips offer a better grip with more comfort
* Black Phosphate coating resists rust and corrosion
* Long handle provides greater leverage
* Drop-forged construction offers durability against abuse and the elements
* Solid pressed rivet construction provides a life time of durability

WOOD magazine review

Remove tough nails with this handy puller

Review Summary

Pulling nails with the claw of a hammer proves easy, but what about when you’ve broken off the head or there never was one? Enter The Extractor. This nail-pulling pliers combines long adjustable rubber-coated pliers-type, handles with parallel serrated jaws that tightly grip the nail. We used The Extractor to remove various lengths and grades of headed nails, finish nails, brads, and staples. We really like it for pulling 23-gauge pins, something a hammer cannot do.
It’s also perfect for pulling old cut nails from reclaimed lumber without breaking them off. The Extractor left indentations in pine and even tough white oak, but we prevented that by inserting a scrap of 1/4" hardboard between the board and tool before prying nails free.

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