Lee Valley Picture Framer's Point Gun

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Functioning exactly like a heavy-duty stapler, this framer's gun drives flexible points into picture frames to hold the glass/artwork/backing sandwich securely in position. Points are driven parallel to the backing, but leaving a 1/64" space, just enough to hold the sandwich securely without causing damage.
Force-adjustable for driving points into either hardwood or softwood. The flexible points are ideal for photo frames because they allow you to easily change the picture. They are also suitable for permanent installation.

Points (T4 size) sold separately in packages of 600.

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Great little gun

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When I started building frames, I had to figure out a way to keep all the contents inside. I searched around and came across this inexpensive piece of equipment. I mostly build out of pine, but have used it in oak and various other soft/hardwoods. The points have no problem going into whatever material I'm using. And with the adjustable knob, I can set the depth of the point as well.
Back the knob out for soft woods, and run it in for harder woods. It does take a couple of trial and errors to get it right, but once it's dialed in, you're on your way. The price and quality are in my opinion, excellent. The gun is solid and I have yet to find a wood it will not drive into.

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