Ridgid JobMax 3-Amp Multi Tool Starter Kit

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The RIDGID JobMax 3 Amp Multi-Tool provides a powerful corded base and convenient system for attachment heads that help you get the job done. Its compact, 2.4 lb. size is great for cutting, sanding and scraping in even the tightest areas. It easily accepts all popular multi-tool accessories with the included universal adaptor.

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I bought this tool to help me remodel my kitchen at my last house over three years ago. It has become one of my go-to tools for so many little jobs at home or helping others out. I have cut counter top openings to fit a new sink. I have used it to level trim when installing flooring. It has been used as a detail sander to refinish my old antique radio cabinet. I could go on and on about all the little jobs, and bigger jobs this tool has been used for.
One of the best and most awkward features are the other heads you can get from Ridgid. Home Depot was running a deal when I bought the starter kit where you got one of two other attachments free with the purchase. I got the jig saw attachment. It as well has been used greatly. I prefer being closer to my work for more control and the long handle for minute curves and turns. The unit has been dusty, dirty, oily, and been dropped from a ladder; but it keeps on ticking. My only complaint is how tight the heads are when swapping between attachments. If the release mechanism was a little more thought through it might be easier to change. The trade off would probably be in quality, so I would rather have it securely on there. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to buy a multi-tool.

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