Dremel Multi-Max 8300 Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool

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The Dremel 8300 variable-speed cordless Multi-Max oscillating tool offers the power and freedom to take your Multi-Max anywhere. With fast side-to-side motion, the Multi-Max can take on a variety of projects that involve repair, remodeling, or restoration. Powered by 12V MAX Lithium-ion battery technology. Repair. Remodel. Restore. Unplugged. Optimal Control. Safe Operation. High Precision. Minimal Dust. For cutting, grinding, sanding, scraping and grout removal. Variable speed from 3,000 to 21,000 opm provides maximum control and precision. High-performance motor for maximum performance at all speeds. Separate on/off switch – maintains speed setting after tool is shut off. Quick Fit™ feature – for faster accessory change. Soft-start and electric brake for smooth operation and safe stop. Battery fuel gauge lets you know when it's time to recharge. High-capacity 12V MAX Lithium-ion battery for longer run times.
* MODEL NUMBER: Multi-Max Cordless #8300
* SPEED: Variable (3,000-21,000 OPM)
* WARRANTY: 2 years
* WEIGHT: 1.8 lbs

WOOD magazine review

Soft-start motor, electric cord

Review Summary

Although you get two battery packs with this tool, it's a good thing because they take an hour to recharge. This tool's molded body makes it very comfortable to hold and grip when using. Although it cuts and scrapes and works with all the other accessory attachments, this tool feels and acts most like a detail sander (using the triangular sanding pad, of course). Its sanding results were superior to all the multi-tools we tested.
But you don't get many accessories for the price, and the blow-molded plastic case is cramped: you need to remove wide attachments to fit the tool back in the case. But when you do need to change accessories, you don't have the remove the bolt entirely: just slip another U-shanked attachment over the bolt and retighten. Despite having a soft-start motor and the highest speed settings, this tool cut slowly using its own blades and it's second-loudest at 102 dB. Uses only Dremel attachments as well as those from Bosch (using the Bosch adapter).

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