Craftsman Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool

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New High Output Compact 2.0-AMP Motor. A perfect balance of size and power. 2.0 amps is great for heavy duty projects. Get a bigger job done all at once with this tool because there is no need to stop mid-job to charge the battery. Just plug in, make sure the Live Tool Indicator Light is on, then begin your work.

Compact, Ergonomic Design with Soft Grip. Weighing only 2.55 lbs this tool is light and compact. With its soft grip handle getting a bigger job done does not strain your hand or cause discomfort. Along with the compact design, the On/Off switch is easily accessible on the top of the tool for more control and comfort.

Innovative Oscillating Technology with Variable Speed. Oscillating Arbor Craftsmans multi-tools unique oscillating arbor system swings the tool attachment at a 1.4angle and a radius of 2.8of oscillation for a very concentrated focus of energy at the task at hand. With 11,000-19,000 oscillations per minute the multi-tool helps reduce vibration which allows for a more precise cut. The variable speed dial on the back of the tool allows the user to match the proper cutting/sawing speed for the material being cut.
Integrated LED Work Light. The LED work light, located on the front of the tool, will illuminate when the on/off switch is in the forward ON position.
Integrated Dust Bypass with Vacuum Adapter. Keeps the work surface free of dust and debris when vacattachment is connected to a 1-1/4" wet/dry vac hose. This allows the work surface to stay clean and visible.

* Includes: Multi-Tool, 1 Sanding Base Plate, 1 Straight Edge Cutting Blade, 1 Circular Cutting Blade, 1 Circular Grout Disc, 1 Triangular Grout Disc, 1 Scraping Blade, 3 sheets of 60, 20 and 180 Grit Sandpaper, Hex Wrench, VacAdapter and Storage Case
* 1 Year Limited Warranty
* Weight: 5.0 lbs
* Dust Blower: Yes
* Tasklight: Yes, LED built-in next to shoe
* Amps: 2.0

WOOD magazine review

Good value in a corded model

Review Summary

Craftsman's corded multi-tool beats its cordless version hands-down, and holds it own against the Rockwell SoniCrafter battling for second-best corded version. (The Fein MultiMaster is tops in corded.) The Craftsman showed good power and accuracy with a body that weighs less than 3 lbs, feels comfortable to hold for long work sessions, yet has the heft of a solidly made tool.
Still, it's got a limited speed range (11,000 to 19,000 strokes per minute), a 100-dB noise level, and a dust port that's easy to put on and take off, but does little to help suck up dust.

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