Master Woodworking Organizer Set

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Most complete woodworking set ever. High quality labels for professional or home use.

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Most Complete Woodworking Set Ever!

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I have been looking for a set of labels like this for a long time! I take pride in my wood-shop, it took years to acquire my tools and have my shop running smoothly. Every tool has its place, and a place for every tool with only one problem, I needed to at a glance find what I'm looking for. What makes it even worse is having a helper ask where a tool is and having me stop what I'm doing to get it for him.
Ive tried labeling my toolbox before with a "dymo labeler", but the adhesive doesn't last a week without the corners peeling. Another problem I had with labeling my tools myself with tape or the "dymo" is that it makes it hard to read and takes away from the clean factor of my shop. That is until I came upon I ordered the "Master Woodworking Organizer Set" and was excited to see it came with 150 individual labels on a 10 sheet set that covered every area I could think of. It even came with a sheet of blanks in case I need to label something that is custom. When applying these labels, you will notice that they are made out of a high quality wear resistant material. The design of the labels adds a professional look and brings everything together. The best part is that it is EASY!

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