Ridgid R4030 7" Wet Tile Saw

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RIDGID introduces its new 7 in. Job Site Wet Tile Saw. This is the most affordable pro saw on the market. This saw's powerful motor, best-in-class cutting capacities, die cast aluminum table and heavy duty arm all come standard on this saw for only $299. Every feature on this saw is innovative and the definition of quality for a pro tile saw. The Deep Well Wave Wall will extend the life of your pump and the removable water nozzles maximize water efficiency to the blade while cutting. This equals better cutting for a longer time than competitor saws. All of these amazing features are backed by RIDGIDs industry leading Lifetime Service Agreement. That means Free Parts, Free Service, For Life.

Powerful Motor Heavy duty motor powers through natural and manmade tile and pavers
Best-In-Class Cut Capacity 24 in. rip, 18 in. diagonal and 2-1/4 in. deep
Die-Cast Aluminum Table - Runs on dual precision extruded aluminum rails, guided by sealed ball bearing rollers. Provides solid material support and measurement marks for added accuracy
Exactline Adjustable Laser Alignment System Assists operator in accurately align cutting wheel with the cut line
Deep Well Wave Wall with Submersible Pump Extends pump life by blocking sediment from entering pump when in use
Guard Baffle Reduces air turbulence to help keep water on the blade while removing excess
Optimized Water Nozzle System, removable rubber nozzles maximize water efficiency to blade
Backed by the RIDGID Lifetime Service Agreement, free parts, free service for life
MFG Brand Name : RIDGID
MFG Model # : R4030
MFG Part # : R4030

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Not a bad saw for the money

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I bought this saw to tile my bathroom. I debated on renting or buying. I decided to try the Ridgid. It has a great capacity. I was able to cut my 18" tiles with ease. The blade is easy enough to change. I didn't get any chipping with the stock blade unless I tried to go really fast at the end of the cut. I remained dry during the whole process. The saw is light and compact enough to store till another job comes up. My only complaint is the table.
It has plastic wheels that ride on alunimun rails. They are adjustable for slack but I had a hard time finding a happy medium between too tight and too loose. A linear bearing would have been better but you usually only find them on the more expensive models. All in all I am happy with it for the price.

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