Woodpecker Saddle T-Squares

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In a nut shell a saddle square nestles along a board's edge allowing for marking on two perpendicular faces at the same time without having to move the square.

What makes a saddle square a T-style is actually just the added length of one leg thus making it easy to extend a line perfectly square and well away from the boards' edge.

And don't overlook the micro-fine holes. Those are there for your pencil. By placing the pencil tip in the hole as you slide the square along the boards' edge, you create a perfectly parallel straight line. How can you beat that? Whether the mark is 8” or eight feet long it goes a lot faster with this tool than measuring two points with a tape measure and scribing a line with a questionable straight edge. The holes are spaced 1/32” apart on the inch versions and 1mm on the metric ones.

Along each outside edge is a laser engraved scale on a machined 30 degree bevel for measuring. The edge scales are marked in 1/16” or 1mm increments.

Each Saddle T-Square is CNC machined from a single block of aluminum to make sure it's precisely square, has perfectly spaced holes and is has the durability to last a lifetime.

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Great saddle square

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This is a gret saddle square. It is really well machined. It feels good in the hand. The 1/32" spaced pencil holes for marking are really handy.

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