Woodpecker 24" Precision T-Square

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Drawing straight, accurate lines can be challenging when relying on a tape measure and a scrap of wood as a straight edge. Now there's a better way, the new Woodpecker T-Square. Whether working off a factory cut edge or not, the Woodpecker T-Square will help you draw straighter, more accurate parallel lines in less time than you can imagine.

In an instant, you can move your pencil from 3” off the edge to 12” and be dead-on without the need of a tape measure.

Each Woodpecker T-Square consists of a precisely machined, laser engraved, aluminum blade perfectly fitted to a solid, billet handle with two support lips to prevent tipping and a perfectly machined edge for true squaring.

The two critical parts are secured together with six precision socket screws. This arrangement delivers top notch performance yet still allows for replacement of damaged blades.

The blade itself has precisely spaced 1MM holes drilled every 1/16”. Stick a pencil in the hole, slide it along your work piece and presto, a perfectly spaced line accurately following the stock edge. The outer edges are machined to a 30 degree bevel for easy reading and laser engraved scales for measuring.

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A very good T-square

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After using the Incra measuring system for a few years I found the Woodpecker T-squares. I like the weight and the straightness of the square. It does not flex or bend it just sets flat and provides a straight and accurate measurement. The edge is beveled at 30 degrees with the markings wrapping around the edge acclimating the parallax problem of most rules. Built in the T-square are holes marked every 16 of an inch. A mechanical pencil works well when tracing a line .

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