Starrett 12" Combination Square

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L.S. Starrett Co.


Starrett's versatility and reliable accuracy makes Starrett squares indespensable in any shop. Hardened & tempered satin chrome blades are graduated in 64ths & 32nds on one side, 16ths & 8ths on the other. They can read cutter height on saws, shapers and router tables, check mortise or rabbet depth, or help scribe layout lines at precise widths along a workpiece. Blades can be reversed to read whichever scale is most convenient for a given job. The 12" Combination Square offers the same level of dependability with the great convenience of 10" usable blade length for layout and checking cutoff accuracy. Heads are precision-milled cast iron with black wrinkle finish. Optional accessories convert the 12" square into a center finder for round or square stock (item 061522), or into a large precise 180° satin chrome reversible protractor (item 061523) for determining or laying out uncommon angles. Also available, a 24" Blade (item 061524) gives you Starrett accuracy on stock up to 22" wide.

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The best combination square on the planet

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We’ve trusted Starrett squares and rules for years, as they’ve proved themselves time and again to be accurate and dependable. This model’s stainless-steel rule—the thickest and beefiest we found in a combination square at .088"—has a glare-free matte finish that makes it easy to read even under bright lights.
With 1⁄8" and 1⁄16" markings on one side and 1⁄32" and 1⁄64" on the other, the increments are marked in proportional lengths that make for quick, easy reference: in between inch marks 1⁄2" is longest, 1⁄4" and 3⁄4" are next longest, and so on. The rugged cast-iron head grips the the rule snugly, yet slides easily and locks securely, and it was dead on at 90° and 45°. Its locking bolt has an indexing collar that makes it easy to align the bolt with the groove in the rule. Starrett buries its spirit-level tube in the protective cast iron of the head, making it harder to see than most. But the white background and clear fluid helps offset that some. The scriber measures 13⁄8" long—helpful for large fingers—but was difficult to remove from its friction-fit home. Sure, it's pricey, but exact precision is worth the up-front cost. You can also buy combination squares (or rules to fit the same head) in 6", 18", and 24" lengths. Starrett sells accessory heads for these rules that help you find the center of round workpieces, as well as a protractor head for measuring and marking angles between zero and 180°.

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