Rockler Drawer Pull Jig

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* Rockler exclusive JIG IT® template makes marking screw holes for knob and pull installation quick, simple and accurate.
* Offers spacing for 2-1/2'', 3'', 3-1/2'', 3-3/4'', 4'' and 96mm.
* Includes 24" aluminum T-slot bar, left to right self-adhesive tape measure, stop block for repetitive drawer pull alignment, and automatic center punch for perfect drill bit alignment every time.

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Better as a door pull jig

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This jig works very well on doors and drawer fronts that have a small to medium edge profile. If the edge profile is too rounded the bar won't sit on the drawer top or door side, making it difficult if not impossible to use or be accurate. Due to the plates small size you can't use it on drawer fronts taller than 8 inches. The auto punch that comes with it is first rate and works very well in creating a nice dimple your drill bit can start in, without slipping.
It works better as door handle jig than it does for drawers fronts. If you set this jig up to mount door handles in the center of the bar, you can simply switch the wooden stop to the other side of the plate to do left and right hand doors without having to move the measuring plate. There have also been a number of complaints that this kit doesn't come with instructions, which would speed up initial use. The wooden stop will only square on the bar if you hold it to one side of the slot on the bar before you tighten it. A raised piece of wood squared on the stop that could ride in the slot would help in making this jig more user friendly in keeping it square to the bar. It works good and is simple but there are better ones on the market. If you need one just for door handles this one would be a good buy only at a sale price.

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