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When it comes to measuring stock, fitting precise joints and setting up machines, a digital caliper is one of the handiest tools to have around. Both of these models read in convenient fractions so you don't have to memorize decimal equivalents or make conversions in your head. Unlike most fractional calipers, which read in 1/64ths, these read in 1/128ths for maximum precision. Best of all, you can switch from fractions to decimals to millimeters with just the push of a button.

Ultra-smooth sliding action allows you to dial in your setting quickly, then lock it down with the knurled knob. Measure inside, outside, depth and steps. Both calipers include a pre-installed battery, a spare battery and a padded plastic case. Aside from length, the 4" and 6" models are identical.

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I've had this set of calipers for over a year now and it has worked just fine. It appears to be of good quality and accuracy. Having said that I'm finding myself not reaching for it much since the 128th inch accuracy creates more confusion than anything, since we woodworkers rarely if ever measure to that accuracy fractionally. Another annoying thing about digital is the batteries.
It seems like they are dying going out all to often and I find my self reaching for them , only to have to replace a battery first. So for those reason I'm not a big fan of this caliper set.

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