Rockler Brass Setup Bars

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Machined solid brass set up bars allow you to accurately set depth of cut, fence to cutter distance, material thickness and more without using calipers or tape measure. Accurately machined to within .005" Set includes six 2-1/2" long bars measuring 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2" square. Can be combined for additional heights.

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I'm constantly checking the depth of groves , dadoes, rabbets ,router bit height etc. I normally use my calipers to check the depth of most of these but I've found these to be much easier to use and more accurate in getting constant measurements. When I first bought these I really wasn't sure if I'd use them much but it seems I'm frequently finding more and more places to use them. They're like little mini story sticks .
You can get these in aluminum and steel from other vendors, but for woodworking I think brass is best. Two things I don't like about these brass ones from Rockler is that the sizes aren't marked on them , so you'll need to do that yourself and I found them not to be very precise in their thickness. One of them was off by almost .005 of an inch, which is accurate enough for woodworking but certainly not for metal work. The case is effective in keeping them from getting dinged up but it's a little difficult to get them out since the finger reliefs aren't large enough to get your finger tips in.

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