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If a reading of 0.9375" leaves you wondering where you left your calculator, then this is the dial caliper for you. Instead of requiring you to memorize cumbersome decimals, the clear, easy-to-read dial gives you neat fractions: 15/16''. Now that sounds more like it. Features four-way measurement: inside, outside, depth and step.

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These are your normal 6" adjustable dial calipers made of stainless steel.
I purchased them on Amazon.com from Quint Graphics for 23 dollars.I like them because they have a dual measuring scale in 64ths on the outside rim and hundredths of inches on the inside rim of the dial, which is what I need in woodworking for measuring thicknesses, depths and setting up and checking measurements on machinery, although I prefer the hundreth scale to be on the outside rim for easier and more accurate reading. I probably own 6 or 7 different dial calipers many of which cost more than this one , but this was my go to caliper because of the dual scale, until it suddenly stopped working after only a years use. I used the plastic General tools calipers for years, but felt I'd needed to upgrade to a little heavier duty one. Some of my calipers are electronic and I'm finding that I don't like any measuring devises with batteries since the never seem to hold a charge very long. One thing I did find that I don't like about this and other similar calipers is the depth gauge. Because it's fairly wide, your not able to check the depth of smaller holes, such as 1/4 inch dowel holes. As of this writing Hartville tool had the best price on these, but due to it's short working life, unfortunately, I can no longer recommend these calipers.

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