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What makes our new Woodworking Rule better than your average yardstick? First it's much more accurate with precise laser engraved markings. Second it's straighter and heavier. Third it sits flat because of a recess down the center of the bottom surface. Fourth, it has both a standard and a center scale. Fifth, the markings are engraved on a 30 degree bevel for easy alignment to pencil marks. And finally, it looks nicer.

When you look at all the different rules being sold in retail stores, they're all pretty much intended for framing houses or general purpose use without any thought on how to make them better for those of us who build furniture and cabinets.

Tape measures are great if you're building a shed. They're not dependably accurate enough for finished furniture parts. Tape measures also don't make good straight edges to draw lines with. For that we usually look for the nearest scrap piece of lumber that we hope is straight.

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I have used the Incra system for measuring for several years now having found and began using the the Woodpeckers rules and T-square now. I really like the weight of the tools there is no flex or bending just a straight edge with lots of makings that are very clear. The edge is beveled at 30 degrees bring the makings in thickness down to about 3/16" with the making wrapping around the edge removing the parallax problem that most rule have.
As I have already said i really like the clear making that the rules have.

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