Starrett Hook Rule

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L.S. Starrett Co


The Starrett 12" Spring-Tempered Steel Rule with Inch Graduation features a satin chrome finish. Graduations at 8ths, 16ths, quick-reading 32nds, 64ths.

* Quick-reading
* Satin chrome finish
* Adjustable double hook
* Rules with double row of inch figures, and each edge represents the bottom edge reading left to right

WOOD magazine review

Hook Steel Rule

Review Summary

We love this rule because you get one of Starrett’s high-quality bench rules with the bonus of a detachable hook. The hook catches on the end or edge of a board—like a retractable tape, but with dead-on accuracy. You can center the sliding bar that acts as the hook, or extend it entirely to either side. When you don’t want to use the hook, simply back out the screw and remove it. Just be careful to not lose that tiny screw and hook.
(The hook’s holder keeps the rule from lying flat on its face, limiting the rule’s use while it’s attached.) We like the markings (1⁄8", 1⁄16", 1⁄32", and 1⁄64") on the rule because they’re identical to our 6" and 12" Starrett combination squares, which we rely on regularly. Starrett’s hook rule, however, features a matte finish; the combination squares are glossy. We also appreciate the heft of this rule—.042" thick—that will keep it from bending.

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