Lee Valley Cabinetmaker's Rule

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Lee Valley


This rule has all the features that make a good cabinetmaker's rule.
It has machined edges, is accurate (including the first increment), has four different scales to suit a variety of requirements from checking lumber size to machinery set-up, and is easy to read in varying light conditions.

Reading from both the left and right, the scale subdivisions are in 8ths, 16ths, 32nds and 64ths, making it an extremely useful rule for woodworking.

At 1-1/8" wide by 12" long, it is an excellent rule at a good price. Guaranteed to be straight ±0.010" over its length.

WOOD magazine review

Standard Bench Steel Rule

Review Summary

Lee Valley’s rule provides the essentials for a bench rule at an attractive price. Its matte finish on hardened stainless steel proved the best at resisting glare of the four standard bench rules we tested. It has easy-to-read 1⁄8" and 1⁄16" scales along one side and 1⁄32" and 1⁄64" scales on the other. Another nice feature: The etched fraction lines are proportional for quick reference, with 1⁄2" marks longest, 1⁄4" and 3⁄4" next longest, and so on.
We also preferred the beefier thickness of Lee Valley’s rule (.040") to that of Starrett's standard rule (.025"). The only shortcoming we could find with this rule is the absence of end scales: perpendicular markings at one or both ends of the rule. These prove helpful for setting router bit and saw blade heights. Starrett’s rule has these markings, but its price tag triples that of this one.

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