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Marking knives are used in place of a pencil to incise very precise layout lines into the work piece. The lines are easy to see and help ensure accurate saw cuts when sawing precision joinery. The incised mark also works as an excellent reference for making final paring cuts. A Blue Spruce Marking Knife will become an indispensable and treasured addition to your tool cabinet. Choose a blade size and handle to suit your specific needs.

Blue Spruce Toolworks marking knives and awls are the finest marking tools available. The single bevel, spear point knife is a favorite and has been written about in many woodworking publications. They are ideal for marking out joinery to help ensure tight fitting, precision work. Awls are excellent general purpose marking tools as well as perfect for starting small holes for screws or drilling. All of the marking tools are available in Cocobolo, African Blackwood or Curly Maple but can be special ordered in almost any wood species. See the specific product page for more information. These tools will help you achieve your finest work.

Classic and very popular small marking knife for laying out precision joinery such as dovetails. The 1/32 inch (0.8mm) thick blade allows marking between even the tightest tails. This knife is suitable for most marking tasks in stock up to 3/4 inch thick (20mm).

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The acrylic-infused, curly-maple handle on this knife catches your eye immediately for its beauty, but it’s more than that. This infusion, a signature of Blue Spruce’s hand tools, adds a level of hardness and protection that should keep the handle as stunning for years to come. The dual-bevel knife was sharp and ready to go when we opened the box.

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