Lee Valley Combination Dial Calipers

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Lee Valley
88N72.10( Six Inch)


If you've ever reached for a fractional equivalence chart to translate measurements taken from a decimal inch caliper, you'll appreciate the value of this dual-scale Imperial caliper.

It has a combination fractional/decimal inch display graduated in 64ths of an inch (with major divisions marked every 1/8") on the inner portion of the face and 0.01" on the outer portion.

As well as the obvious use for direct measurement, it is also ideal for measurement conversion. The graduations on the 1-3/8" diameter dial are clearly marked and easy to read.

Good for inside, outside and depth measurements, the caliper can also be locked with the integral thumbscrew for measurement transfer.

Made from hardened stainless steel, it has a satin finish and comes packaged in a protective storage case.

Full instructions included.

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I personally own seven or eight different sets of dial calipers. Some are manual, some are digital. I personally don't like the digital ones, due to the problems with having to frequently change batteries and having to shuttle back and forth to read both fractional and decimal readings. The previous set I had were China made ( The typical stainless steel combination calipers with light green dial) and they lasted only a year before mal- functioning.
This caliper from Lee Valley, although still made in China, seems to be of a higher quality, than most I've seen. The action is sure and tight and I like that the hundredth scale is on the outer perimeter of the dial. Along with the extremely fine pointer needle this makes reading the scale easier and more accurate. Only time in use will tell if this caliper will hold up, but so far it's the best and most accurate I've owned and to me the best dial caliper for woodworking on the market today, certainly the favorite from all the ones I own.

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