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Anvils are no longer as commonplace in home workshops as they once were; finding one that is properly hardened is rarer still.

Nowadays, most are made from cast iron, which is prone to deformation or cracking from repeated hammer blows. This one, made to our specifications, is cast from carbon steel and case hardened for excellent durability.

With a traditional anvil shape, it is a compact 7-3/4" long by 2" wide by 3-3/4" tall and weighs 7 lb (3.2 kg) – a useful size and mass for bench use. The flat upper face is precision ground, suitable for flattening metal or shaping it to a 90° angle by pounding it over a corner. The horn is designed for forming (or re-forming) concave or convex shapes.

The anvil body has a durable powder-coat finish. In addition to being useful when punching out rivets or other fasteners, a 13/32" diameter hole in the face accepts either of two specialized shaping pins, offered separately as a pair.

The doming pin presents a 0.47" diameter hemispherical surface used to form small rounded shapes, while the forming pin is a 60° wedge, useful for folding metal to acute angles. Both are milled from impact-resistant S7 tool steel.

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Nice bench top anvil

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Occasionally we woodworkers need an anvil to hammer out something, such as straightening a bent tool or a piece of wrought iron. I got tired of stooping down to work on my big anvil so I got one of these and mounted it on a platform so it drops right into a couple of dog holes on the work bench. Very nice auxiliary to my work bench top and it sure comes in handy when I need it and yet is small enough to store under the bench when not needed. Another top quality tool from Lee Valley.

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