Norwood Goldline Portable Sawmill Blades

Goldline Sawmill Blades


Norwood Goldline-Premium band sawmill blades are a premium-quality silicon-steel flex-back blade with induction-hardened teeth. Stronger and more hard-wearing than average carbon-alloy blades, silicon-steel is the crucial ingredient to high-performance sawmill blades. Silicon-steel gives cleaner, truer cuts and longer blade life which means lower operating costs. GP blades, 0.042” thick, are shipped with an overall factory-set at 90 (23 thousands each side) and a hook angle of 10 degrees.

You may find ordinary lower-cost carbon-steel blades elsewhere, but you’ll probably find you get what you pay for. If it’s not silicon-steel, it’s not high-performance. If you’re serious about milling, then you have to be serious about your saw blades – Professionals count on Norwood GP silicon-steel blades.

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