Oregon 40-volt chainsaw (CS300)



Price includes 2.4-amp-hour battery pack and charger. Also sold with 4.0-amp-hour pack and charger for $400.

The OREGON® CS300 40V MAX* Chain Saw is designed with all the battery muscle you need to get the job done. It runs cleaner, quieter and is free from the hassles of gasoline or cords. Pull the trigger and you have an instant start and long run time. Just charge the OREGON® PowerNow™ Battery Pack and you are ALWAYS READY™ to go with lithium ion no-fade power. Created by the world's leading manufacturer of saw chain, OREGON® offers exclusive innovations, such as the PowerSharp® precision saw chain sharpening system built into the chain saw.
40V Max* Lithium Ion Performance
Instant Start
PowerSharp® System
Low Noise
Ergonomic Design

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