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Lee Valley Flashlight Holder

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Lee Valley


Having a flashlight in your car in case of trouble is always a good idea. Equally good is to have some hands-free way of holding it so that you can focus the light directly on the problem area.

This holder will grip anything from the smallest LED light to a 2-1/2" diameter flashlight, or a corded trouble light. The strong 1" rare-earth magnet in the holder base (covered with a high-friction pad) will let you secure a light to a fender for a tire change, inside the hood for motor work, on the car roof as a warning light, etc.

Adjustable to any angle, the holder folds to fit a 1" x 2" x 4-1/2" storage space.

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OMG I love this thing

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I got this little flashlight holder a few months ago and I just started using it and I have to say that I love this thing. It holds a small flashlight very securely and its highly adjustable in almost every direction. The magnet is very powerful and it won't vibrate off your tool. I think this is now going to become my favorite detail work and trouble light. Come to think of it I've never bought a bad tool from Lee Valley. Way to go LV !
This would have made a nice Christmas present for any of my boys and woodworking friends.

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