Teknatool Nova Comet II 12" VS Midi-Lathe

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Teknatool Nova
Comet II


Comet II Midi Lathe Features and Benefits:

Powerful Electronic Variable Speed Motor offers an RPM range from 250 to 4000 RPM With a super lower speed up to a super-high speed, this makes the NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe the perfect choice for a variety of projects, from pens to bowls.

Forward and Reversing Switch offers addtional flexiblity and allows you to achieve a superior finish.

12" Swing Capacity over bed and 16.5" between centers, extendable with bed extension accessory.

3 Step Pulley System offers different speed ranges while providing maximum flexbility. The middle step usually provides enough range for most Wood Turning applications, however the addtional 2 steps provide more torque for the more demanding applications.
Versaturn® Adapatable Technology Accessories
The NOVA Verstaturn® Adaptable Technology is exclusive to NOVA. With the addition of the Versaturn® Coupler, these accessories enable you to turn your NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe into a:
- Grinding Wheel
- 6" Wire Brush

Quality materials – Solid Cast Iron throughout.
Strong 2MT spindles
NOVA smart accessories – lathe accessories are common between the models, meaning any money invested in the accessories isn’t wasted if you upgrade your NOVA lathe.
Precision Machining.
Long reach toolslides, designed to take advantage for the extra capacity the NOVA lathes offer.
Extendable Beds – make your lathe as long as your project requires, without having permanently taking up workshop room! (Additional Accessory item)
Quick Action Cam Controls – precisely adjust to your requirements, fast.
Large range of accessories

Bowl turning capacity: 12"/300mm inboard.
Between centers: Standard 16.5"/419mm. Extendable to 42"/1066mm, using optional bed extension accessory.
HP: 3/4HP, 120v single phase, 60Hz, Variable Speed
Speed range: 250 - 4000rpm
Spindle Thread: 1"8TPI RH
Tailstock: 2MT hollow, quill travel 1.6"/40.60mm

Standard Equipment:
3"/80mm faceplate
6"/152mm toolrest
2MT live centre
2MT spur centre
Manual & Fastenings
Hand wheel
Knock out bar

WOOD magazine review

Good lathe for a value price

Review Summary

The Comet II packs a powerful punch for such a compact lathe. With the smallest footprint in our test of six 12" VS midi-lathes, it needs to be secured to the bench, but then can produce more aggressive cuts. When taking wide cuts, you need to slow your feed rate, or else the belt slips and smolders, adding vibration and diminishing torque. Although the toolrest, banjo, and tailstock all adjust easily, the toolrest and banjo can slip when making heavy cuts.
The centers align well with just 0.004” movement between the tailstock and bed along its full length, and it's the only lathe we tested that lets you adjust the headstock's position on the bed ways. I found its 12-position index very limiting, and you’re prone to errors because it’s difficult to see which reference location it’s locked into. The on/off switch is within easy reach below the tailstock, but the push buttons are less intuitive to use than a paddle. The speed dial was the only one in our test to have speeds printed directly on it, but they were inaccurate and difficult to read, especially while standing up turning. The drive belt is accessible, but the motor position keeps tension on the belt even when loose, making it difficult to switch pulleys. The quill worked smoothly with a rotating handle and stopped keyway, but with just 1-3/4” of travel, it isn’t designed for drilling deep holes. It’s the only lathe tested without a scale on the quill. With only a 6” toolrest (that needed heavy filing to remove thick paint), I had trouble reaching into deep bowls or turning long spindles without repositioning it. You can use the 3” faceplate with #10 or smaller screws and the cup live center doesn’t have a replaceable point like the others I tested. Teknatool also offers a grinding wheel or a wire-wheel attachment for the outboard end of the lathe, but I haven’t found many uses for a wire wheel in my woodworking shop, and the grinding shaft has too much play in it to make it useful. The Comet II is a great value if you’re careful when taking heavy cuts. —Tested by Brian Simmons, WOOD turning expert

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