Powermatic 20" Wood Lathe

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• Sliding headstock with electronic variable speed and digital RPM readout for accurate speed adjustments
• Spindle lock and built-in spindle indexing on the headstock for drilling hole patterns, routing flutes, and other equally spaced features
• Set of dead centers which hold a spindle for visual comparison
• Redesigned tool rest geometry allows for better chisel movement along the toolrest
• Laser etched quill is self ejecting
• Two position mount for the optional bed extension
• Optional dust assembly that travels with the toolrest
• Brass tipped knockout bar concentrates the action in the sliding handle; the brass tip will not damage drive centers
• Attached tool caddy allows convenient access to centers, wrenches, etc.
• Tailstock has internal storage for additional accessories
• Chrome trimmed handwheels are ergonomic for a comfortable feel

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This is my 3rd lathe and will be the lasting one. Powerful enough to handle a blank 20 X 18 (so far). has 2 speed ranges. I also got the 18" bed extension with mine and it is well worth the money as it gets the tailstock out of the way. The electronic speed control allows to reduce speed for out of balance or sanding operations. Also there are hi and lo speed range adjustments via a belt adjustment. The heavy handles on banjo and tailstock all easy and firm adjustment.
There is a storage compartment in the tailstock for accessories. Also has a rack at the headstock end for storage of accessories. The flat area on top of the headstock has a rubber mat making it an excellent place for items you use in the turning process such as calipers or other devices. The duplicator rails mount to headstock and tailstock to allow seeing and measuring when duplicating spindle work. A tool overall well worth the cost and available on sale twice a year.

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