Oneway 20" Wood Lathe

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• Features a four-bearing spindle
• At the front are two 45 mm internal diameter ball bearings custom fitted with ground spacers, and locked to the shaft with a clamp ring and lock nut. This minimizes radial and axial play of the spindle. The 40 mm diameter rear bearings float axially to allow for heat expansion. Bearings are no maintenance greased for life.
• Six position spindle lock and 7.5° (48 position) indexing is standard.
• The spindle is 50 mm (2") at maximum diameter, 16" long and bored 5/8" diameter through with number 2 morse taper at the inboard end. It is made from high alloy steel, hardened and ground to precision tolerance of ±0.0003 thousands of an inch.
• The spindle nose, which holds the front bearings, protrudes approximately 3" in front of the headstock allowing easy tool maneuvering when working on the backside of a plate or bowl.
• The thread is M33 * 3.5 with a groove machined for a lock screw to allow full power forward and reverse turning. This design contributes to the safety of this machine, as it eliminates the possibility of chucks or face plates accidentally unscrewing from the spindle.
• The spindle is the cartridge type and can be pulled fully assembled from the headstock by removing six bolts. If a belt ever needs to be changed, it should take less than ten minutes by even the most novice mechanic.
Pulley Size: 3 step 10 groove Poly V
• Both the Barrel & the Lead Screw are manufactured from high strength steel. This steel has tensile strength of over 110,000 lbs per square inch. That's twice as strong as standard 1020 steel.
• The casting is ductile iron, and is designed to bend before it will break.
• The tailstock has an 1.5" diameter quill with 4" travel.
• The lead screw is a 3/4" diameter 6 pitch acme thread and the barrel has a 3.5" bearing length.
• The 5" handwheel and the high lead on this screw allows rapid in and out feeds for drilling.
• Precision design and a No. 3 Morse Taper allows the use of stronger live centers and larger drills.
• Super rigid tailstock clamp is designed so that no flexing will occur under clamp pressure. This will ensure that the clamp will hold firmly while requiring no adjustment for the life of the lathe, and will retain the ease of movement of the tailstock along the bed.
• The through hole is 5/16" (8 mm) diameter which allows lamp base and similar drilling to be carried out.

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Oneway Wood Lathe

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I spent more purchasing my Oneway lathe and accessories, than on any of my last 3 cars, and have no regrets. Since I bought my oneway, I've had Hip # 2 &3 replaced, and have spent a lot of time on the side lines, but am getting back into it as of late. I purchased the wood saver system for bowl blanks, works like a dream. Also purchased the vacuum chuck system, very quiet.
I've had a Oneway stronghold chuck for years with the Cole style chucks, and a faceplate system using 3 different size plates on one adapter. I also have the metal spinning adapter, but have yet to use it. This lathe weighs about 900 lbs, and need not be bolted to the floor like any of the others I've had, even with a heavy out of round blank, it stays put. This is like driving a Mercedes, after having an old chevette. I called the factory when I was shopping, to ask some questions on adjustments that most lathes don't have, and was handed off to the head engineer, who was very helpful, as was all the staff I did deal with.

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