Legacy Ornamental Mill

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Legacy Ornamental Mills
Model 900


The Legacy Ornamental Mill is a router-based overarm milling machine for wood.

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Legacy Ornamental Mill model 900

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Legacy Orntamental Mills are a bit like lathes in one respect, but very much unlike lathes in other ways. You have the ability to turn your stock between centers - like a lathe - yet by easily installing a flat work surface you gain overarm router capabilities for flat stock. Legacy makes a model 900 and 1200.
The following specs apply to the model 900: Stock Capacity Maximum Length: 48" center-to-center Stock Capacity Maximum Diameter: 9" Stock Capacity Maximum Width: 14" (flat stock) Spiral Pitches: 2", 3", 4", 4 1/2", 5", 6", & 7 1/2" per rotation. Spiral Direction: Left & Right Indexing: 24 Positions / 15 degree Taper Angle: 4 degrees maximum Taper Diameter Difference: 8" maximum Footprint: 60" X 30" The system works with a plunge router (which you supply)and employs very specific plunge router bits to achieve a nearly infinite combination of profiles for both turned and flat work. Legacy refers you to Magnate, Inc to purchase the router bits separately. In use the overarm routing capability is unique and opens up worlds of new possibilities in the shop. Suddenly processes like making dentil moldings become a fast and easy operation. Fluting columns (and half or quarter columns!) is quick and efficient. Turning spirals and pierced spirals becomes an option. Interestingly, you can even turn uneven stock round in a very safe and rational manner before removing the work from the Legacy and then completing the turned profiles at a traditional lathe. This is especially advantageous if your lathe doesn't spin slow enough to safely handle very unbalanced work. The Legacy Ornamental Mill opens up possibilities that are not able to be milled (either easily or at all) by traditional woodworking tools in the shop. When you match the core tool with Legacy's suite of (extra cost...) add-ons such as their circle cutting jig, hold-down vises and rotary cutting jigs you gain a feature set that's unparalleled. I've owned my model 900 Legacy mill for nearly two years and in that time it has literally paid for itself. The capabilities of the Legacy allowed for new and adventurous furniture designs which won me business that I wouldn't have otherwise landed. And it's opened up the possibility to fabricate complex pieces and parts that were impossible before. The system, including leg set, a good set of bits from Magnate and a couple of extra parts (such as Legacy's excellent Design Kit - which lets you preplan your work before touching bit to wood) will set you back nearly $2,000. But when you consider what the tool does for you, and looking at the expanded capabilities, the Legacy should realistically become standard as part of any small production shop's arsenal.

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