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The legs have cast-in gussets allowing you to add a shelf for storage or additional weight. The headstock slides the entire length of the bed to allow you to turn near or off the end of the bed. Standard electronic variable speed with digital readout allows you to adjust the speed with a knob while the 2-step pulley and poly-groove belt allow you to keep in the correct torque range. Speed control can be used in forward or reverse. Includes spur drive center, live center, knock-out bar, index lock, face plate, handwheel, and long tool rest.

* Motor: 2.0 HP, variable speed
* Spindle Speed Range: 100 - 1200 RPM [low]; 200- 3200 RPM [high]
* Swing Over Bed: 18"
* Distance Between Centers: 47"
* Headstock & Tailstock Taper: MT#2
* Overall Length: 74"
* Bed Length: 66.5"
* Spindle Height: 45"
* Tailstock Travel: 4.25"
* Face Plate 6"
* Spindle Thread: 1.25" x 8 TPI
* Voltage: 220 volts
* Headstock/Tailstock Bore: 3/8"
* Indexing Position: 24
* Packing Size: 68" x 22" x23"
* Weight: 500 lbs.

WOOD magazine review

Heavyweight lathe turns in impressive showing

Review Summary

With Laguna’s Platinum Series 18-47 lathe you can turn a workpiece up to 18" in diameter and 47" long. Despite turning a piece that large, I couldn’t bog down its 2-hp, 220-volt motor no matter how hard I tried. I like its digital readout and electronic variable speed that ranges from zero to 3,200 rpm. And when finished shaping a workpiece, its reverse feature comes in handy: I was able to sand smoother than in just the forward rotation.
The heavy-duty cast-iron legs and ways (500 lbs total weight) eliminated vibration, even when I roughed out a near-capacity bowl blank. This machine sports many big-lathe features, including a 1-1/4"×8 tpi headstock spindle and 36 indexing stops, for a mid-size price. However, there’s no handwheel on the headstock, and the locks for the headstock and tailstock sit on the back side of each, making it difficult to reach over to make adjustments. And it comes with a 6" faceplate, which works well for large turnings, but is just too big for medium to small bowls and vessels. —Tested by Marlen Kemmet

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