Jet 10x14 Mini-Lathe

WOOD magazine rating
JML 1014-VSI


* 10" swing; 14" bed length; quick release levers
* 1/2 HP engine; 400-3,900 RPM; tailstock has a live center and 2" ram capacity
* Quick release levers allow for easy & accurate positioning of tool rest and tailstock
* 1/2 HP totally enclosed, fan cooled motor powers 6 spindle speeds ranging from 500-3,975 RPM
* The Mini-Lathe includes 6" Tool rest, Live center, 3" face plate, spur center, tooling knockout, and safety goggles

WOOD magazine review

Jet JML Mini-Lathe

Review Summary

Compared with the Rikon, you give up 2" of swing and 3" between centers, but the JML1014-VSI’s variable-speed control provides the ability to change speeds ever so slightly—especially in the lower range for roughing out a blank. The 1⁄2-hp motor provided respectable torque when we turned a 9" bowl and 15" spindle, and because there’s little vibration, it, too, passed the standing nickel test. Jet’s spindle features chamfered threads, and displayed virtually no run-out.
It also comes with a spur center with long, thin points that needed only a light tap to seat in a turning blank; and 1-7⁄8" of quill travel for boring. However, we did find a few areas for improvement. For example, when boring holes with a drill chuck in the tailstock, the lathe’s combined quill lock and keyway sometimes allowed the quill to spin within the tailstock. With three-tiered pulleys, we didn’t have to change belts as often; but when we did, it proved difficult because the speed-control box limits access to the lower pulley.

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